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The recovery café has helped me to go forward in life after cancer treatment and given me and my wife a sense of purpose to help others by sharing in their struggles. This is why the experiences I have been through make me want to help and encourage others and show them that there is hope.


Recovery was a hard thing to recognize for me because I have 15 years clean from drugs/alcohol. I am stable in that area of my life. I didn't realize there was other areas of my life that needed attention.  I had depression, was easily angered, and didn't know how to make new friends. The recovery café has helped me to meet friends and given me a safe place to talk.  I found that greeting people as they come in the door helps with my depression.  I am very happy for all the support they have provided me and others in my community.


Without recovery café, I don't know where I would be today. Recovery café has been an integral role in my entire life, not just my recovery. I stumbled into the café completely  by "accident"! I was four days into my sobriety and very uncertain which direction my life was headed. 

      I was ready for change, but unsure if I could commit myself to it. My past still called and haunted me, and more than once I almost gave into it's call. My entire life was flipped upside down over night. But recovery café has made the change bearable. The people are friendly, hospitable, and most importantly non-judgmental. They provide a safe environment for all walks of life and forms of recovery. They always have an ear to listen to anyone who needs to talk. They genuinely want to help everyone in need, with the guiding principle of helping those who help themselves. You have to make the effort to receive help. It's easy; three simple steps to be a member: twenty-four hours clean and sober, attend a weekly circle, and give back. 

      Today I am secure with my sobriety and lifestyle. I utilize the café on an almost daily basis, along with the Crimanon (criminals anonymous) meetings every Wednesday at 6pm. The café has become my home away from home. They recognize everyone is different and has different need and they have various resources to accommodate. 


 Frank Phillips 


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